I'm a showing mama

Well, this was taken a week ago or so...and it's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant now. Today, I'm 19 weeks along. I wish I could tell ya'll what we're having but...we're having some difficulty with our insurance. Anyone who has dealt with Medicaid probably knows what i'm going through right now. In a quick version, here's what's going on:
I applied for Medicaid back in Dec. I got approved and recieved medicaid cards for both Dec. and Jan since it was the end of Dec when we finally heard from them. So I was able to see a doctor at like week 15,..and make another appointment for this coming Monday for an ultrasound to find out what we're having. Beginning of Feb comes along and no card. Go to the office, which is a pain, to see what's going on and I find that i've been un-approved. They supposedly sent out information to us that then was sent back to them so they canceled my coverage. So beginning of Feb, I applied again. Heard from my case worker finally a few days ago to turn in a copy of our lease, which I did that day...and now we wait. I was going to drive down to the office again to see if they could possibly speed things up so I could attend my Mon appointment but they like to go at a snail's speed over there...It's just tough cause Joe doesn't have school on Monday either so it would have worked out perfectly. So now we're just waiting and i'll have to reschedule. Hopefully if it's a good day and in the afternoon, maybe JOe can come but we have no idea. So now the fun of finding out what it'll be has been killed. I think if this would have been the first time, I would have been freaking out and crying but now I know how freaking long pregnancies are...I know i'll find out eventually. It's just frustrating, that's all. So hopefully soon, i'll let ya'll know the outcome of this soap opera of a life that I live.
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