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Side note: Emma loves putting this bucket on her head. I guess cause it fits it perfectly...and maybe it's our reaction too. And she's exploring the world of magnets!
Well some exciting news! I was so fortunate to call the doctor yesterday, to check the activity of my insurance, and find that it was activated so I'm like, well i'd like to make an appointment then. So she first schedules me for a normal check up with the doctor but I was like, well the one appointment I had to cancel was a sonogram appt. so does that matter? I think it's time for me to do it. At first, she's like, there aren't any available for a couple weeks but we have a routine check up available tomorrow at 10...oh wait, hold on, there might be a sono open tomorrow too. And minutes later, sure enough, there was! It was so awesome to get the next day! So I was able to go in and see the baby moving. We are happy to say that we are having another girl and we are so excited! I think it'll be so fun to have 2 little girls together. She's healthy and active...just like Emma...I was hoping this next one would be a bit more calm but we'll see :) So we're just happy and glad that it's all worked out and our insurance dilema is over. And I guess our new due date is later July, like in the 20s. So from what I just wrote, the doctor isn't exactly sure on a positive due date so we're going to keep an eye on it each month. But hurray hurray!
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