Big Long Day

Well Saturday was a very big day. We drove down town to the Healthy Child and Baby Expo at the Convention Center. Usually we wouldn't go to things like this but this day was different. I had volunteered to model maternity clothes from Destination Maternity for their fashion show. I got some free stuff and admission. It was kind of cool since I've never modeled before so it was kind of fun. We got there around 2:30 and I had to go and get dressed and made up for the show at 3:30. I think Joe and Emma walked around the expo and went outside and walked around too. I don't think he had the most fun but I'm sure glad that they both were there. Joe puts up alot for me...:) So the show came on and I modeled 2 outfits, as seen in the pictures. Joe was the photographer and he took 3 pictures so those are the best we got...Joe, I love ya, but more pics next time! And afterwards we walked around the Expo, getting free stuff from all the sponsers and finally, I was ready to go. We got to see the ground around the Tower of America, which is really pretty. We never went over there before so that was kind of nice. So it was good times this past Saturday.

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