New Orleans!

New Orleans!!

Well it's been some time since writing on this. I need to move my "model" picture down the line so its not the first thing people see! So last week was very eventful. On monday, we drove to Grandma and Grandpa Zimmerman's house and visited for a couple of days, allowing Emma to get comfortable with the surroundings. Joe and I left Wednesday to Houston to catch a flight to New Orleans for a Dental Convention.

Taken at a "fancy" restaurant, after eating seafood...yum.

Joe researched in the summer and he was now presenting his findings there by making a huge poster and standing next to it for 2 hours :) His presentation was on Thursday and we were in town till Saturday morning.

It was so fun! Our hotel was in the French Quarter, like 2 blocks from Bourbon St...which I don't recommend going down after dark.

But it was cool to see the city and something new. There is a lot of history and culture there...not to mention lots of restaurants!! I sucked it up and ate at a couple of New Orleans' style sea food places. I ate Alligator sausage, crab cake and shrimp...blah! (the alligator was actually really good!) So it was a nice vacation for Joe and I.

Me and my pregnant self!
Emma, on the same hand, had a great time with her grandparents and uncles. She loves to be outside so that's where she was everyday. She played with Rocky, their dog, fed him food and chased him around the backyard. I think he was probably a bit annoyed by her but he's old so I guess he didn't care. When we met Grandma in Houston, Emma was so relieved to see us! She wouldn't let go of Joe and I. So overall, it was an awesome trip and so glad we did it! I was a little worried that Emma would have a hard time without us but I guess she adapts pretty fast.


Emma and her counsin Helena
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