This has been talked about for months and months! We and our fellow neighbors, the Gibbons & the Kunz, had been wanting to go camping. Steve was the one who pushed it because he just had to get out! So we finally planned it out and actually did it. We went to Garner State Park on the 22nd and 23rd of last month. Ya it was just for one night but with that many kids? ANd first timers? We had to just do one night. But it turned out really fun and a much needed break from life. Before we got to the camp site, we stopped at Eagle's Nest...the diamond in the rough! It was the best food ever! They claim to have "The Best burger in TExas" So we had to try it and I think they were right! And their fries were heavenly. They also sell turnovers and pies that were very tempting. ANyone interested, just drive about a mile past the entrance to Garner State park and there it is. It's totally worth the drive!

They also had a pet Macaw (sp), Emma hardly ate her food cause she wanted to be in here with the bird.
See what I mean abouit the food?
Oh and Emma got her head stuck in a chair...
Time to set up and the get up! This coat is about 1 year too big for Kate but it's all we had :) The Christmas Story anyone? We hurried and put the tents up before and got dark. And then we got the fire going too.
Marshmellow time

LOL Kate...
We then went to explore the river bed.

Dinner: hot dogs
Here's our living situation. The pack n Play is a must!
If you look closely, Emma is sleeping in the green sleeping bag Joe's handy work, a Log Cabin fire :)
Good morning!
Yummy breakfast! Bacon, scrambled eggs, and sausage.

Kids hard at play
This was Kate's face the whole time...or at least it felt that way!

Cute little Cannon and Jaqline
Time to pack up :(
Another marshmellow moment

Emma really had a blast camping

family picture attempts..

Joe then put Kate in a tree and she loved it

We definitely are going to do this come spring. Wasn't as bad as I thought with the kids! Any one wanting to come, climb aboard!

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