Break from the kids

Well there are a few perks to having a husband in Dental school, especially if he is a 4th year and has descent patients. Take, for example, Ron. Joe's been treating him this whole year. He's a great guy and Joe has some very funny stories to tell about him. And come to find, he owns a bed and breakfast here in town. So a few months ago, Joe comes home and tells me that Ron told him that for the service Joe has done for him, he would give him a complementary one night stay at his bed and Breakfast place, The Ruckman Haus. And of course, if you know Joe, non-chalauntly tells me this like 2 days later, making it so not a big deal....but HELLO!!??! Do you know what this means!?! Kid free night and we get to sleep in and eat a delicious breakfast, free of charge!

Anyways, so I hounded him to take advantage. Plus the fact that we have a soft spot for bed & breakfasts since that's where we went for our Provo...yep...let's give a shout out for Hines Mansion! Halla!
So we first talked to Joe's Mom...a saint amoung saints who will do anything to spend time with her grandchildren, even if it means driving 5 hours here, staying 2 days and driving 5 hours back..which she did and we love her to death for it.
Our only restiction was the date. It had to be before Valentines Day weekend since it got really busy. So with everyone's scedule, last weekend worked the best. So we reserved for Feb. 6th.

Once Margie came and settled in, we got the kids in bed, we started the night by celebrating over some dinner, over at Red Lobster....thank you thank Jamie....which was so good!
K I hate sea food. I've tried many times to see if my taste buds will change but they don't. It was between there and Olive Garden, which I do like but it's so overplayed with use. And I knew Joe does love seafood so I sucked it up and allowed ourselves to REd Lobster. I got the only non-fish dish and it was I was pleasantly surprise.
Our drinks were pretty good too. Joe got a yummy smoothie...
Align Center
I got Rasberry Lemonade
And for dessert, their YUMMY Chocolate chip Lava cake thingy that we both inhaled in seconds. Oh so good...maybe i'll make me one of those tonight....and don't you love the hand holding...totally natural...

After we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed over to the Ruckman Haus.
It is located in the French District near the center of town. I' hadn't even heard of the French District before this, which is sad because it's pretty cool to drive through it. THe houses are French style and huge. They reminded me of being in the Deep South, with the plantation houses...
Anyways, anyone wanted to explore, head to I-10 going East, exit at Fredericksburn/Woodlawn. Take a L on Fredericksburn then a L on Woodlawn and your adventure begins...

So we got in around 9ish, great, quiet location and made our way inside. We found our room, the Sun Room Suite..the biggest yep, I indulged and got biggest one I could find...hello! Free?! You would do the same!
We got settled in, grabbed one of their DVD's they had in the hallway and watched a movie and fell asleep. Now here is where I am still perturbed...
6:50 AM rolls around and Joe gets up and goes to the there for 10 minutes, comes out and says, should we watch a movie? JOE! SLEEP IN! In his defence, we went to sleep too early so his body naturally woke up and he wasn't tired anymore, just bored. So i'm lying there, half asleep, not wanting him to touch the TV. I was so sad that our one morning to sleep in and nope...
But I guess we just lounged about all morning so that sort of counts...we got down to eat breakfast around 9:30. They served yummy belguim waffles!! I was in heaven...waffles are my favorite food ever. So after that, we went back up and watched TV in bed. I explored out room again to take's what I got:
Some great art work....
There wasn't any "fun" art work where I posed...
View going down..

Brushing and watching TV

Hello! I liked this mirror...still brushing your teeth!?
THey have a cool Garden too. THere the view from our roof top

Phew, lots of pics but it was a lot of fun, even if it was for just less than a day. Thanks again Margie for watching the girls so we could have a break. Anyone looking for a retreat in town, I highly recommend the Ruckman Haus Bed and Breakfast!

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