4 months!

My little baby is 4 months old.
I love this stage!
He smiles at anything I do.
He lights up with I walk in the room.
He goes to bed at 7:30 and sleeps until 6:30.
He's a snuggler and would prefer to be held all day.
I love this little guy to pieces.
March 1st, he weighted 16.8 lbs and was 26 inches long (95%!!!). I can't get enough of his largeness.

What was life like without Luke in it?! Not a life worth living, that's for sure :)
He started rolling from his back to his tummy 3 weeks ago...it definitely makes for an interesting night.
I can tell he's just waiting until his physique is stronger so he can explore everywhere. He loves to explore. He's already starting to move in circles while on his tummy.

There is no stopping him!

We put Emma in a gymnastics class and she loves it.

Mad Hatter sighting! My sister Jenny and my Dad came to visit for the weekend. We saw Alice in Wonderland. The girls loved it. I thought they might get scared but they are pros at this movie stuff. When we got home, they were very creative. But I must say, Hatter's hair does look just like a tutu.

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