We got "dressed up" before going to gymnastic on Friday. I can't get over how big Kate is getting!

Joe's brother Spencer was getting married in Omaha on Saturday in Omaha, NB, where his fiance, Sara is from. Friday night, we flew out to Omaha. and when I say we, I mean all of us! I was definitely terrified. We bought dog backpacks that had leashes disguised as tails for the airport. Then I had Luke in a sling. We had 2 huge suitcases and a pack n play plus 3 carry-ons...our arms were definitely full so we could push around a stroller. But we gave ourselves plenty of time to get from A-B. And looking back, I am AMAZED at how well the kids did. There was so crying whatsoever the whole time. Even on the plane. I was smart to buy new coloring books and markers for the plane. They did that the whole time.
Another miracle was the nice ladies sitting next to me on the plane with Luke. They were the sweetest ladies ever and loved babies. It couldn't have been any better. Luke did awesome, no crying at all. What else can I say than it was a serious miracle wrought by the Almighty.
We got into Omaha pretty late and drug our luggage to the car rental to find that our minivan was actually a mini Suv...and that there were no car seats that we had
Luckily our hotel was a few miles away from the airport so we felt it would be okay to drive there that night then Joe could drive back to get the car seats the next morning before all the wedding events. So we got to the hotel around 10 pm.
We caught up with Joe's family for a bit and then put the kids to bed. Another worry was the 1 hotel room with our family, especially Luke.

How will they sleep?
Will they continually wake each other up?
Am I going to get any sleep this weekend?

So I just prepared myself for the absolute worst.

And what do you know?
The kids outdid themselves again. They all fell right asleep. Luke woke up once but I rocked him to sleep again. They were champs.
Saturday, Joe's siblings watched the kids while we went to the temple ceremony. It was very special. I was honored to be at the Winter Quarter's temple.
Afterwards, we had lunch at the in-laws, took some pictures then got read for the reception. The girls had way too much attention from Joe's family. They love them to death. I am truly grateful for their admiration they have for my kids.
Here are some pics from the reception.

Sunday morning, we were the last to go back home. We packed up our stuff and check out.
But our flight wasn't until 4:30 so we went over to Winter Quarters and walked around. The girls had fun in the visitor's center.

The flight back home, we had a layover in Chicago. We thought we had more time between flights to catch a bite to eat. But by the time we got over to the new gate, they were already loading. So we boarded and luckily had a bag full of food to snack on until we got home.

The kids were exhausted.
This little trip was kind of humbling. It showed me that Heavenly Father does listen to our worries and struggles. He listens and helps us when we need help. Whether by promptings, miracles or through service from strangers, He hears and answers prayers!
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