Birthday Celebration part 1

The festivities started Monday night when we went out to Red Robin to celebrate her birthday, which was the next day.  Joe has monday's off so it worked out for the best.  Emma Loves RR and since it's the only restaurant that seems to love kids back, we go there frequently.

She loves her Root Beer!

Our friend Jannica was working that night and served us so her and her co-workers sang to Emma and gave her a birthday sundae.  Emma was LOVING IT.

mmmmm ice cream...

Then Jannica hooked us up with 2 more sundae's for Kate & Luke.

Joe is wishing he had one too...

Birthday morning!  She was very excited.  She was dressed, ate her breakfast and got her morning chores done so she could open presents...yes, I am so mean.

So excited she got her Snow White Dress.  This is now the third year where she wanted a princess dress for her birthday. (1st year was Cinderella, 2nd year was Belle)  Can't wait to see what happens next year....cough cough

Her birthday cake.  She kept talking about rainbows so I showed her a picture of a rainbow cake on Pinterest and she was so excited.  I was too because I didn't want to do another princess birthday cake.

She had a great day.  The best part was that she kept telling me that I was the best mom ever.  I know, I know. :)
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