Emma's 1st day of Kindergarden.

AHHH my first born is officially in school?!
Seriously where did time go?  Cliche to say but it's true!

 I think for the most part, she was ready and excited.  She has a great teacher, Mrs. Brandt.  She's got a handful of friends in her class too.
I love this little girl and all her spiritedness.  She was up at 6:20, fully dressed and ready to go!
 We walked to class since we are only a few blocks away from the school.  My emotions hit me on the walk over.
 As she was waiting in line, the tears starting coming...for me.  I just can't believe she's so big and growing up!
There they go, saying goodbye to mom & dad!

After her first day of school, she came out with her "had a bad day" face.
I was worried...did she hit another "citizen" in the face like she did in Vegas?

They served hotdogs and buns for snack time.  She DOES NOT like hotdogs so she was a little upset and pouty.  She might have been for the rest of the class time. :S

But I think she will do great and have a wonderful time!
Another blink and she'll be graduating high school!!
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