Kate's big day.

Kate had a wonderful birthday!  She got some wonderful things that she adores.  We went out and ate at Red Robin.  It never fails.  The kids always eat their food.

Just wanted to say that this girl is amazing and a blessing for our family.  She's like the calm during the storm...usually.  She's so easy-going.  She's a bit sassy but I think that's from the example from her older sister.  She's genuinely kind and wants others to be happy.
This evening, she said the prayer.  She prayed that Emma would have a happy birthday and have a great day on her birthday too.  Emma had a bit of a struggle today with Kate getting all the toys and attention.  But she was a good sport and let Kate have her day.  She's become really understanding.

Here's to the start of birthday season around here.  From now until Dec. there is a birthday every month!  Wish me luck...

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