Waterville Days

 Yesterday, on the radio, I heard about Waterville days happening on Saturday.  I have been there once to visit a specific bank that was oddly in Waterville, WA.  It's up out of the canyon of the Wenatchee & Columbia Rivers.  It's a pretty neat view when you hit it.  It's completely flat and wheat fields as far as the eye can see.  And then you see this Waterville right in the middle of it.
So I thought it would be fun to go to Waterville days with the kids since we usually don't do anything fun on Saturdays.

As expected, it was small.  Really small.  They had one activity for the kids... a "go fish" booth.
The kids thought it was the coolest thing.

There were about 15 booths total, with a live band, a book sale and an auto show.

Luckily they had a park circa 1959.  I think this thing is banned in like 35 states or something....

We stopped to get a treat from here.  MMMmmm probably not again.  We were told their selection of ice cream was vanilla or chocolate.  So we ordered chocolate.  They quickly corrected us by saying

"OH no, we just have vanilla but we have chocolate syrup that we mix to make chocolate ice cream.  We also have caramel and butterscotch toppings."

So they really sold just dinky sundae's that were overpriced.  LOL

Also their "fruit smoothes" title was very misleading.  It consisted of frozen berries (from costco), vanilla ice cream & milk.....doesn't that sound like a berry shake?  overpriced as well.

But since we were visiting and wanted to help their economy, we didn't complain. :)

It's always fun exploring neighboring small towns.  Not sure when we'll do it again though ;)

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