31 weeks.

Let's see....
Less than 10 weeks now.  Time seems to be speeding up on me.  We've got such a busy month.  Both girls are in soccer so between the 2 of them, we've got 4 games a week.  We have fallen into routine now with school.  Both girls are doing great, loving their teachers and making new friends.

As far as for me and this "little" guy, things just keep going as they have been.  Slowly growing bigger.  I've been good about going walking in the mornings before Joe leaves to work (and the kids wake up).  Because of this new surge of motivation to stay active, i'm hitting the bed before 10, which is SO NOT ME.  But it's worth it :)

I wake up about once a night to use the bathroom.  That's probably the biggest pet peeve I have when i'm pregnant so I try to cut out drinking anything an hour or so before I go to bed.  I use 3 pillows at night, one for my head, belly and back.  Seems to be doing the trick so far.  I haven't had any problems with sleeping.   My Midwives told me about Papaya Enzymes that helps with your digestive system.  It can also help with heart burn, which in the past pregnancies, i've had it bad.  Bad enough to get on Prevacid or something.  But taking the Enzymes before bed has been taking care of the problem.  I have only gotten heartburn when I forget to chew those Enzymes tablets.  Anything to avoid medications while being pregnant is "quacktastic"

Things are starting to get difficult with a larger belly, like bending down to pick things up, so I use my feet or my kids. :)
The kids have been very helpful with listening and helping me out when I can't do a whole lot.  Luke has been fun being my little buddy in the mornings while his sisters are at school.  He usually wants to snuggle on the couch and watch a show or something.  He'll grab my hand and say "snuggle on cough, mommy".  It's too cute.  He is definitely a momma's boy.  He can't get enough of me.  And how i'm feeling, i'm loving the attention, even if it's from a 2 1/2 year old boy.  I am in love with this little guy.  I can't wait to meet his little brother so I can have 2 admirers.  Luke also LOVES babies and asks about 20 times a day to kiss the baby then he'll reach up to kiss me and give me a big hug.  I would definitely snuggle on the couch with him all day.  And he is really good at obeying right now.  He'll just do what he's asked.  I am soaking this up because I know things will change when the baby comes.  I am not sure how he'll be.  But from what I see with other babies, he loves them and is very gentle and loving towards them...so we shall see.

I just want to make it known that I am aware at how blessed I am.  There are so many things that we could be dealing with that so many of our friends are, whether it's a lost job, or cancer.  We are safe and healthy in our little corner of the country.  Life can be tough some days.  But it's nothing substantial.  They are things of the world.  They can be replaced.  I am so grateful for my children and my husband.  Joe works so hard and has to go through so many decisions to better him and his family.  And they aren't easy!  I don't envy what he has to go through.  So right now, from the boost of "happy" hormones that are pumping through my veins, I wanted to write down how i'm feeling.  I think it'll be good to read back on those tough days and remind me of what it's all about :)
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