First Day of School.

Well we have all survived the morning so far.  And I haven't gotten any calls from school.  So that's a relief.
Emma got up at 6:30, as promised and immediately got dressed and got her breakfast.  Funny, though, that we still left later than planned...

Here's Kate on her very first day of Kindergarten!  Doesn't she look so amazingly adorable?  I am jealous of her outfit.  I want it in my size.  She was so excited and so ready for this day.  I thought I was too...

if you notice, being in pregnant mind mode, totally put the wrong date on the chalk board.  So annoyed with myself!!
So I had to fix it with photoshop.  Horrible attempt but oh well...

 Emma is now in 1st grade!  She is gone all day now.  That's what is weird!  I won't see her until 3 pm?!  Will life go on?  ;)  Like I said, she was ready to go when summer went out.

 Super excited about her Angry Bird backpack...seriously who is this girl?!  lol

Here's Kate lining up for her class.

Right after taking this picture, I grabbed her backpack from the wall and gave it to her...and it hit me.  I just started bawling.  Luckily I had glasses on so it probably wasn't too noticeable.  But seriously it hit me like a smack in the face.  This stinkin' hormones are going crazy these days.

 I went back over to check on Emma.  I have to juggle the 2 of them in the morning and they are on opposite sides of the school!  As I watched her sit down and be friendly to her partner, I knew she would be fine.  My only fears are those of adjusting when things don't go her way.  She still has a hard time being adaptable.  But she has seriously come A LONG way.  Seriously proud of her.

She was so excited to have her OWN desk.

Little Luke is becoming not so little anymore.  This kid hit a major growth spurt this summer.  No more 3T for him!  And he is getting more verbal too.  I love this guy.  He is so stinkin' cute.

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