Jake at 1 Month

This month has flown by, by some mysterious power that I do not understand!  It's been less hazy than the other kids first month of life.  I guess because I have 4 kids to take care of!
This little boy is just too much for me at times and I just want to cuddle and stare at him all day long.  If only I could do that!  I want to enjoy it all.

At 1 Month old:
-Weighs 12.9 lbs!
-He has started tracking and focusing on things.
-Last week, he started responding to  us with smiles and coos.
-He loves to be swaddled for sleep time.
-He gets stimulated very easy.  If I miss the naptime/bedtime window, he'll be really mad and cry pretty hard!
-Finally straightens his legs with you lift him up.  He needs to work out those chicken legs!
-Loves to stare at lights or windows.
-Has begun to sleep somewhat consistantly well.  I'll put him down around 8-9, then dream feed him around 10:30.  He'll sleep until 4 am or so.

This little guy is definitely part of our family.  We all love him to death.  Cliche to say but I honestly can't vision our family without him.  Don't know how we did before he was born!

Here's some more pictures from today:

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