Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was really low key and simple for us.  Obviously with a newborn, that's just what happens.  But it seemed the kids didn't even notice.  They still made it wonderful and fun as an adult.  We didn't go anywhere this year which was nice.  We spent the whole break lounging at home.  It turned into relaxed chaos which was needed at that time as I was still adjusting with the new baby.

The kids woke up around 7:30 and started off with opening their stockings.

Here's the view prior to opening the presents.  We put the tree in the basement this year since we had no room for it up stairs.  Curse you small living room.  At least we didn't have to move their new toys into the toy room...

 Opening time.

Attempting to get a picture of all the kids.  I think they did a pretty good job.

Then I got adventurous and tried to get some of Jake in a santa hat.  I couldn't decide which one and didn't want to delete any!

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