every morning.

I was thinking back on this past school year and it's amazing how fast  these two have grown.  In September, I was so nervous for the two of them with so many changes.  But to them, it's just how every day is.  

Every morning, these two are up and running around, getting ready for school.  The goal is out of the door by 8 am.  Most days, we are set.  Then these two walk to school.  Do you know that I love where we live?  Do you know how close we are to school?  Blocks away.  A short walk and they are there, ready to learn.  Most days, they talk and explore as they walk together.  Other days, one races in front of the other, to which she'll run back home to tell on her.  We don't like those mornings.  But, like I said,  MOST days are peaceful.

I don't want to forget these every day instances.  
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