Jake at 5 months.

This big ol' blob is coming right along!  I swear I just wrote my 4 month post.  The months are going by like weeks, I tell you!

At 5 months, Jake:
-Lifts his legs up high while he's on his back, not quite grabbing his toes.
-Stays on his tummy longer these days, while arching his back more.
-Goes to bed around 7 and wakes up around 6:30.
-Naps twice a day, though sometimes a cat nap around 5 if we're lucky.
-Started eating food!  Eats 3 times a day.  Eats like a champ.
-Teething no going away any time soon. No teeth yet but there are 2 annoying bumps that plaque him all day long!
-His giggle is contagious and will laugh at anything, even getting a diaper change.
-Very ticklish!  Even changing his clothes, he'll start laughing.  It's so dang cute.
-Loves his exersaucer now and will play in it for a while.
-starting to become needing and will whimper at you to come pick him up.  Too presh.
-Started doing a wiggle move while on his back.  He just goes back and forth, haa ha it's so funny.
-Thanks to Joe, he now growls for a long time if he's bored or if he's playing along with Daddy.

Before I know it, he's going to be off to college!  Sheesh!
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