Is it Summer yet?

I think...I THINK...I can safely say that the warm weather is here to stay.  I am hoping I can pack the winter coats this time!  Memphis weather likes to play with my emotions!  Goes from sweaty heat to winter chill in one day.  But today seemed to have knocked the cold weather out of the park.  Over 90 degrees today!

So to make it official, the kids went swimming.  We've been prepping the pool for a couple weeks now, making sure it was clean and swim-ready.  The temperature has been the only hang up.  But today, it passed their standard of swimming.  As we grilled up some burgers (we finally bought a grill), the kids swam.  It was still REALLY hot around 5 pm.

When they were done, we ate some dinner, got them cleaned and ready for bed, then had brownies for dessert.

Although the day wasn't completely perfect, with bickering, messes and some attitude from the 8 year old, it was one of those days that kind of stick in your mind as just amazing.  And that's why i'm blogging it.  So I definitely don't forget.  And that's what I miss most about my blog.  The little details I used to document.  I want to do better with that.

So I got a few shots of the kids swimming.  Jake was all too eager to jump in.  But Joe and I were not.  So he had to sit this one out.

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