Family Finest: Bake-N-Make Cookies

What Back to School traditions to you have in your house?

I love spending time with the kids when they come home from school.  It's when they are excited about their day and want to share it.  So what better way to do that than over some decorating cookies?

Introducing Family Finest Bake-N-Make Cookies Decorating Kit.

It's a complete kit that has everything  you need!  It comes with 4 cookies, cookie trays, 4 colors of icing & sprinkles.

They bake for about 20 minutes and then you are ready to decorate!

I was surprised at how big these cookies were!  Lots of room to do lots of decorating, which the girls loved.


They are found at Walmart in the Dairy section.  For only $5, this is a great kit to have on hand when the kids are coming home from school!
Honestly, my kids had so much fun.  And these cookies are really good.  Made it hard to stick with my "no sugar" diet!  Aaaand my house still smells delicious.  Defintely a fun addition to the menu when looking for a great family activity!

And this is all my own opinion.  I was not given this product to do a review.  I wrote this on my own accord!
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