Jake's First Year

So i'm going down memory with this kid.  As of right now, every day it's just Jake and me.  I love it.  It's been so fun being with him.  And I just happened to finally come around to finishing this project....don't worry that he's going to be 2 in Nov.
I'm glad I did this every month, to see the changes and growth.  That first year is a doosy but there are times that I miss it!  Miss those baby stages!

Some things I would have done differently:
-Made sure it was the SAME place, SAME position, SAME lighting each month.  Would have looked more unified.
-Written down more info about him.  I did write more detailed posts each month but didn't write down like height like I did for his weight.  Not a big deal but still would have been fun to see.

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