29 weeks

So let's just get something straight. My timing with my pregnancies have been just horrible. Why do I think being full blown pregnant during the hot sure months is a good idea??

I'm 29 weeks this week. The past month, I've just exploded. I definitely can't move around like I used to anymore. My fitness goals have slowed down. And pretty much any goal I had had flown out the window. Haa haa. I'm hitting the " I don't give a crap" phase.  Seriously I'm at a point where I'll deal with the weight and weakness afterwards. I just can't right now.  I've started walking in the mornings, about 3 miles each time. Feeling good but I feel it for sure by night hits.

On top of all this, our family is dealing with the stress of moving and figuring out when and where we are moving. That's always fun. That causes more sugar binges than I'd like to admit.  We will see what next week brings✌🏻️
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