Allergic Reaction

Last night, we got a scare during dinner. I had mixed pasta with several cheeses, bacon and eggs. Emma now eats what we eat and everything is pretty safe. But as she was eating her pasta, she would frequently rub her face and eyes, as all babies do around that time of day. As i'm getting her ready for bed, I notice red bumps forming all over her face, particularly around her eyes and nose. And when she'd rub her eyes, it seemed to get one of her eyes got swollen. So I grab Joe and we figure it must have been the egg in the mixture. I guess it wasn't completely cooked maybe? but anyways, I called my pediatrician, finally getting through to her and she told me to give her some benadryl. When she had trouble breathing is when we go to the ER but luckily she was fine. But that scared me! That was the first time that has happened and i'm sure glad Joe was home. It seems he always calms me down in times like that. Well, today is another fun fun day. I will probably head out to Hobby Lobby soon. But i'm hoping that the Saddle Ridge apartments will call soon so we can get a better idea of what is going on in the next couple of weeks. We might be moving to another apartment (much better deal!) But they've messed up on our application and supposedly we will be able to move in Dec. 1 but that's so soon! So hopefully i'll be able to talk to you about all our worries. WEll talk to you all later!
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