Nov. 15th

Well, this week is crazy busy. I hosted a book club tonight and that was really fun. Jaime, Hillery, Bobbi and Jill came to discuss the book for all of 5 minutes and then we talked about everything else for the next hour and a half. So that was fun. Tomorrow i'm invited to a baby shower. Friday we are going to a surprise party for someone in the ward. Saturday, i'm hosting a baby shower for my bestest friend Jaime :) I think i'll be really fun. She's going to love it!
So Emma is becoming the turd these days. She blows up way too easy. Like she finds a pen on the ground (my bad for allowing it) and so I take it away and she immediately falls to the floor and start balking and crying. My patience is growing thin!! But then an hour later, we are playing a heavy game of peekaboo for like an hour. She is so cute!!
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