It's Poop Again!!

Well, today i'm officially 23 years old. I'm getting too old. But I had an interesting day. Right now, we're in the brink of chaos in our house from getting ready to move in a week. Solely, i'm packing our whole apartment since Joe is in finals this week. So the majority of my day was it wasn't the jolliest birthday in my history. But i'm not pity-partying! There was a Ward Christmas party tonight so I didn't have to make dinner or anything, so that was a benefit. But this is where the nights becomes comedic. We had to stop at the store on the way home for milk and other items. We parked next to a large tree, which had a large amount of black birds. We had to cross under the tree to get to the store. So as we start walking, I see this thing fall infront of my face. I continue walking and realize that my right foot is all wet, even inbetween my toes. I look down and see white and brown goop on my black shoes and on my foot. A stupid bird had pooped on my foot. It was so runny that is oozed into my toes! I was laughing, feeling like I was in some funny movie. But the laughs don't end there. 40 minutes later as we head back to our car, I was holding Emma and minding my own business when all of the sudden...yes I got whacked in the head again by the birds...Did I have some sort of target on my head? It scared me more than anything so I kind of jumped and screamed. Joe turns around, sees me and starts laughing. It's poop again! I just couldn't believe that it happened twice. Then to top it off, Joe says: "Happy Birthday Lyssa!" Ya it was just too weird, but it was pretty funny.
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