Ok I just need to vent a bit. My mind is full of stress. And it doesn't help when my apartment is a disaster! I hate moving!! Argh! It seriously looks like a tornado came through here. But I just don't know what to do about it. Majority of my stuff is packed away but there is always that other part of stuff that lingers behind, just laying around, waiting to be packed. The problem is that I can't pack it until last minute. Like, for example, Emma's toys. They invade the whole apartment everyday. At night, I have to go around and collect them, put them nicely into their place. Next morning, BOOM! Emma has hit again and the toys wander. It is starting to get annoying tripping on those things all day. I think i'll probably pack the majority of them anyways so they get out of the way. It seems that Emma only plays with a special few anyways. So I just want this place to look like we're moving, not just out of control messy! Come Saturday, we'll be moving all our stuff but for now, it's a waiting game. And another good thing is Joe is done finals tomorrow afternoon so he can finally help pack and take care of all his piles of papers that he has scattered through out the house. It'll be nice once we're in the other apartment and done the whole moving process. And did I mention i'm trying to do this all while feeling like I want to puke all day? yes, Morning sickness is a brick in progress. Luckily it's not as bad as with Emma but still, it can be draining. Anyone out there, think of me, think of me fondly....(I had to quote Phantom) and say a little prayer for me :)

And as always, Emma loves Peekaboo, even covered in cheesy potatoes!!
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