We're here!

Well I guess technically we're in our new place but it sure doesn't look like it. It is thrashed! I hate unpacking and getting everything into its proper place. It doesn't help that I have no energy either... poor Joe, he's been bustin' his rear-end getting everything essential out and set up. I can honestly say that if I didn't feel like poop all the time, i'd be right up there helping him cause I hate when I live in a pig sty. But we do love the space and we haven't had real problems with neighbors yet. So we're liking it. I'd send pics but not just yet :) And anyone wanting to get a hold of us or send us stuff, email me and I will give you our new info. I was posting it before but feel better this way incase some weirdos look on this and stalk us or something.
And we can't call long distance calls just yet so anyone living far away needs to call us if you want to talk to us :) I just can't wait till this is all resolved!!
K bye!
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