Nesting, mischief and puzzles

The past few weeks, i've started the "nesting" phase, it seems. I've become paranoid of everything I want organized and finished before the 2nd baby comes. So i've re-organized Emma's room and have become scrapbooking all the pictures of Emma that i've been putting off. My goal is to get them all finished before chaos breaks loose.

So I went to Target and got those cute little pink/purple stacking bins and her new hamper on top.

Then I went to Walmart and got 3 more wicker bins for the changing table. We recently put in the twin mattress on the floor for her to get used to when she upgrades into that so the baby can use the crib.

This morning, I found it very quiet in the house so I went on a search for my child. I heard Emma "talking" to her self as she was breaking down this roll of toilet paper.
This is Emma having a fun-filled time playing with her puzzles.
She LOVES!!!! puzzles and has become quite the professional. She can even be obsessive about it sometimes. But I do have to say that those puzzles are listed for 2 years and up...she's only 18 months and has conquered them :) (I had to put that proud mom moment)
And this is her loving the camera...actually she's more curious. She sees me with the camera and comes and sits on my lap to see what pictures are on the I just flipped it around and took one of her...She looks so funny but her eyes are beautiful! I love that she got my eyes and Joe's eye lashes :) (maybe a little jealous!)

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