Weekend before Christmas through pictures

We'll tackle the weekend backwards since that's how the pictures were downloaded.
Sundays are always relaxing around here, unless the HOme Teachers are coming by, then we scramble. But before that, we are lying around, taking funny pictures.

Luke's first week at church! FInally, after like 2 months, we all went to church together. It went well and had to get pictures of this little scrumtious little guy in his church attire.

We went to this chocolate Factory in Henderson on Saturday night. THey had some mad lighting skills. It was like a mini- temple square. And the best part was Santa! The girls were so excited to see him.

The line to see him was about 30 minutes long. I waited while Joe walked around with the girls.

THe holiday season is well upon us! We are heading to UT Wednesday morning for a while. THe girls are hoping for snow to play in. I am hoping for a break. Luke is hoping for breastmilk at his disposal anytime. Joe is hoping to figure out where to live next year.
It's weird that I only have tomorrow to get ready for the trip...and I just realized it. Yikes. I have a lot to do. Looks like left overs tonight ;)
Merry Christmas!

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