I have no sense of style

Where to begin?
I think there are reasons to feel this way. Probably doesn't help that I am getting bigger by the day. I'll spare the pictures for now because from now till 2 years from now, I won't be satified with how I'll look. It's better that way, trust me!
Pregnancies are hard for me. I don't like being pregnant.

There! I said it. Sorry but "I'm just being honest"

I don't like my body exploding like the Hindenburg. It's frustrating to see the hard work of losing the weight to have it come on again and there's nothing you can do about it! Now, I know all the positives of being pregnant. There's a baby at the end of it. I can let myself go a bit. I have a solid excuse to lie on the couch while my husband does the dishes or makes dinner. But I like to feel useful! And I like to look cute too :)

While I was in Utah, I was able to go to dinner with some close friends from HS. After the experience, I felt totally out of it. I am so far behind the style, it is scary! And no worries, it wasn't anything my friends had said or did. They were their cheery, awesome selves. It was all me. I admit I am a bit self-conscience on how I look these days. It's probably a mix of hormones, explosions and the fact the it's takes a talented person to have a low budget and still look cute and fashionable. I shouldn't worry about it really. But I am only 25! I should still look cute and fashionable, right? Just because I have kids, doesn't mean my sense of style shouldn't roll over and die!

So I ask you, how do you do it? How do you stay up with the fashion of things on a low budget?
Where do you like to shop that has cute clothes but cheap?

I would love to know.

PS There will be pics soon of my house and from my trip to UT...so there might be pics of me, don't say I didn't warn you..wha wha wha!
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