Vegas Visitors

The family had a special treat this past weekend. My sister was able to come visit for the weekend. It was so so so fun for all of us, but especially Emma and Kate.

Emma has a healthy obsession for my sister, Jenny.

Kate has an unhealthy obsession for Aaron, Jenny's boyfriend, who came down as well. We'll just leave it at that...

We hit the pool for 2 of the days and hit the strip too. It was a great weekend for both. There was a bit of an overcast so it was bearable to be outside.

Kate has no fear when it comes to crazy things like this. She craves it!

That's Aaron with Kate and Jenny is with Emma. Talk about a nice break from the kids. The girls just wanted constant attention from these two, which left Joe and I to do nothing, awesome.

me and jenny

We hit the strip but not for too long. Everyone was exhausted, including myself. It was really humid this past weekend too, which gave me bad memories of TX summers...uck...

When visitors don't keep me busy and company, I have found ways to keep busy so I don't go insane while we stay in side to beat the heat.
I decided to make a boy quilt for my little bundle of boy. Before Emma was born, I crocheted a rug and I wanted to do something like that for #3.
I frequently check Jenni's blog because she's super crafty and creative. She made a baby boy quilt and said it was super easy so I made up my mind to do the same. When I was in UT, my Mom showed me the in's and out's of quilting so I was able to catch on. So really, if you squish time together, it probably only took me a few day to make it. And i'm finally done!! So nice to be done with onto the next thing on my list of things I want to do before #3 comes...

I can't wait to bundle up "blank" in this adorable blanket.
What? I don't have a set name....boy names are hard and that's a whole other post!

Well that's it for now. Please, any other visitors are more than welcome to come to Vegas ;) ;)
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