Katers is TWO...

Seriously the fastest 2 years of my life. I swear she just came out of me...even the past year flew by. I feel I just threw her 1st birthday.

But time goes on! Kate is officially 2 and by the way she acts these days, you would believe it...sometimes I want to...sigh...i'll stop right there. Here's the big day, which was the 20th:

Woke up and presented her with her birthday crown that I conjured up out of felt. Super easy and super fun...(thanks melis for the tutorial a while back)

Got ready for the day and took these. She looks SO old in these. We then left to the library for a fun FREE class and crafts.

Daddy is home! They get so excited!
Time for Birthday Desert. I was originally going to make a big cookie cake like last year but was worried about the outcome with the gas oven since i'm still learning. So we went with ice cream cookie sandwiches with whip cream on top. It was SOOO good and easy! Hate cake left overs!

Present time: She got a beautiful flower dress from Grandma Z. , Polka dress from Grandma T. LOTS of coloring books and a set of Princess crayons. She loves it all!

Life would be incomplete with out Kate in our family.
  • She is such a delight for this family.
  • She's the sweet cuddle bug that will just walk over to me and give me a hug and kiss and then be on her way.
  • She adores Emma. She'll follow her around and play together. They seriously are best friends. Even this morning when I went into their room, Emma was in Kate's crib and they were just talking and playing together.
  • She is so smart. I can boldly say that since I have Emma to compare to...let me explain. Growing up, Emma was more focused on physical developement, like running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. She was and still is super active. She was a late talker. So when Kate started talking around the same time as Emma, that came as a shock. Kate can have normal conversations with all of us. She knows her letters and will sing the ABC song. She knows most of the nursery songs. She is a great conversationalist.
  • She's a tad shy and quiet when you first meet her but don't take it personal. She'll warm up to you quickly and then talk your ear off.
  • She's very observant and catches on things that you'd think kids her age wouldn't think about.
  • I love this girl to death.
And for those who have been dying to see another pic of me or hassling me, here you go. I am 25 weeks along here. Am I the only one who feels and looks huge?
And just so you know, a few days after my "style" post, I was at DI for a metal tray and found 4 shirts that were super cute and only $1!! Talk about a hidden blessing! Gotta love DI and/or Goodwill :)

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