We are really out of it...

We are really desperate for some entertainment around here. With a newborn during Flu Season, it doesn't allow to you go to too many places that you are used to going, like the Grocery Store, Park or even Church....probably the germiest place ever for newborns.

So we finally carved some pumpkins...in the middle of November. We just never got around to it before and we still had the pumpkins sitting around so we thought, what the heck, why not?
They had lots of fun cleaning them out and drawing the faces.

Next we hit the road to Mt. Charleston to check out the leaves....We got all dressed up since it's starting to get chilly these days.
Our naive minds thought that the mountains would be a bit colder than the valley and that the leaves would be falling around this time....
Um not quite. I think the leaf phase passed a few months ago. We are talking full on snow at this point. Luckily the girls had their big coats on. We left Luke in the van and let the girls "play" in the snow, meaning walk around for 15 minutes. Joe and I were not prepared as well as we'd like to have been. So we wanted to keep it short because it was cold!

But the girls had fun playing in the snow :) And it was nice to just get out of the house! I really am suffering from cabin fever...
My friend Celeste makes adorable hair accessories for girls and now for boys! How cute is this hat? I love it and had to take some pics with him in it. Thanks again Celeste!! You must check out her STUFF.

So ya, we are a little out of it. Can you blame us? Being stuck in the house for fear of catching the flu is a good excuse. And I am behind a week. This past week, we had more projects and I had some fun with friends.

Yes, I saw New Moon.

Yes, I loved it and want to see it again. I am still Team Edward but this movie had me seriously doubting...isn't Edward supposed to be hotter than Jacob? So not the case in this movie!

Thanks Stephanie and Erin for the fun movie rendezvous. And I don't know why a picture wasn't taken. I had even brought mine for that reason and I forgot...I always do that!

But it was so nice to get out and have a short break. Joe was such a trooper watching all 3 kids. I really appreciated him doing that so I could indulge in my guilty pleasure.

My battery is dead in my camera but I have pics of some of our various activities this past week that I will upload later.
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