2 weeks of life.

By now, Luke is almost 3 weeks old. But these pics are of him being 2 weeks old.
With the girls back home, things have really become chaotic around here. That with no sleep, we don't do a whole lot around here. Also, with the whole H1N1 attack on society, getting out of the house is the last thing I want to do. So I am experiencing some cabin fever. But it's totally worth it!

Luke had some mild jaundice and told us to give him some sun baths. Joe made some tanning goggles for him...lol pretty funny.
Kate loves "ruke" and constantly asks to say hi to him and hold him. She will just come up to him and snuggle. She's seriously a sweetheart.
Here's the gang the night they came back from UT. Jenny & Aaron were troopers for driving them 6 hours with my kids. But they did awesome. We were so glad to have them home!
Emma loves to sing songs to Luke, like "Child of God" & "Little Seeds" and other primary songs. Emma is such a great big sister. She becomes very concerned when he starts crying and consoles him. I love my girls.

I managed to take these on Veterans day. He is seriously the most adorable baby boy that i've ever seen in. my. life. I love this kid....(however, not loving the sleep schedule that he is on )

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