I've got a feeling....

...that I might be getting on track now. I need to upload pics one more time and post them and then i'll be in order.
Ok so I need to get this out of the way.
I cut my hair over the break. I took a pic of it because I knew it wouldn't look like that ever again. It was something new and I like the style/length. Thank you Katie!

SO these are from Christmas Break.

Here is my Brother JC and his wife Ashley. THey are holding the newest additions to the Terry family this year.
Penny is JC's daughter. In the photo, She's about 4 months old. That there is LUke and he is about 2 months old. And the little itty bitty one is Conner. He's about 2 weeks old.

Here we are at the Annual Sainsbury Christmas Party. One of these days, they are going to have to hold them at a church for lack of space. Plus the uprising of little kids is something to consider too. I mean, it's my mom's side of the family, her and her 6 siblings. 7 families with at least 6 kids each. The older half of the "grandchildren" are married and now having kids of their own. So it makes for a very interesting evening. And I didn't want to miss it!

LUke and Penny hanging out. THey were throwing fists at eachother. We had to keep a close eye on them...regardless of their age, Luke is almost the same weight at Penny. And that was a month ago. We'll see next week if he has passed her up yet.

Christmas Morning!

We got up and ate then had our little family opening. THe girls were really excited for their presents. They each got a 3-wheeled scooter and helmet. Kate got a Cake set. Emma got a Tea Set. They both got this Barbie and Ken carriage/Hot air balloon thingy. It's pretty cool. From the grandparents, they got some dolls with a crib/playswing/stroller combo. THey got some clothes and a bunch of other stuff that they have been loving to play with.

After we were done there, we went over to Joe's family and visited. We didn't have Christmas until the 26th with them because some of his siblings couldn't be there until then. They had a great time with Joe's family. They just get way too much attention (hence the difficult time we are having post Christmas)
They got some clothes, ponies, and games. It was a great day!

On the 27th, we blessed Luke at my home ward. It was great because this was the first time, other than my parents, that my whole family was in attendance to one of my babies blessing. Joe did a beautiful job. Even though I was juggling with kids, I still felt the special spirit that was there.

LUke did marvelous.

My dad told me that he couldn't believe how well he was. He just laid in his arms, looking up at the lights, super calm and then half way through, fell asleep. What a cutie.

And you can imagine the large circle of men that were up....with both our families!

After sacrement, we had a luncheon at my house. It was nice to relax and visit with one another.

Here's my side, the brother's.

Here's Joe's side. There are 3 brother's missing. 1 on a mission and 2 who had to leave after the blessing.

Here's us on the special day. We had to change him out of his white clothes for fear of spitting up. Long story but I had to borrow my nephew's blessing outfit (they were also blessing their son later that day) Could you imagine the horror if Luke were to have spit up all over it? Not going ot happen on my watch! I took pictures of him in them later.

Here's JOe's parents. Luke is special because he is the first Grandson and Great-grandson on his side. :)

Here's Luke!

One of the days, we got the girls ready to play outside. As you can tell, they were really excited.

Sadly, we only had snow pants for Emma...so we had to use a garbage bag for Kate. But it worked jsut great!

THey headed to the backyard to play and do snow angels.

Some sledding came next.

Then next was the snowman. Emma was determined that it had to have all the essential snowman attire, like a face, hat and broom. Sadly, we only had carrots to work with so that was his whole face. As soon as we put the hat on, she yells, Happy Birthday!
Thanks Frosty for that one.

On the 30th, Joe's brother, Matt, got married. So the whole day was crazy. And the girls were even crazier. But the occasion was fun and everything was beautiful.
There's the happy couple. Marissa was beautiful! I"m so glad there will be another SIL in this Male-dominated family!

Here are the Zimmerman Grandchildren, minus LUke. They were all so cute!

There was some dancing at the end and who doesn't love to dance?!
Emma danced with 2 mystery boys. And then afterwards, when she was done dancing, she'd let go of their hands and wipe off her hands...is hand sweat already an issue at that age?
It was hilarious watching her face as she did it, like "ewww, get this stuff off of my hands!"

And to end it, the throwing of the bouquet. Joe's sister, Camilla, caught the bouquet. Emma so wanted to catch it as well.
Camilla was nice and let her hold it.
Then she let Helena hold it...
It did not end well.
Ha haa this pictue just says it all.
Eventually, Emma stole flowers from the centerpieces and made her own bouquet, sat on a chair and threw it behind her. ha ha
The things she picks up. I love this girl.
So we got home on the 2nd and have been adjusting back to normal life :)

Life is good.
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