I have no motivation at all to post Christmas.

Too many pictures.

Too many other blogs blogging about many times can you read about Christmas, right? (alright, that was a justification)

I just plain lack the motivation to post. It's even a stretch posting this right now.

And the frustrating thing is I don't know why I feel that way!

I think I am overwhelmed. There are too many things I want to do, whether it's organizing, diving into my christmas gifts or crafting it up.

I just don't care at the moment. And I wonder when this will pass because I do want to do things!

In other news, Luke has done a 180 since taking on the no-dairy diet. He's calm, collected and cool. And what's even better is his sleeping patterned. Ever since the diet kicked in, he has been sleeping like a log. Recently he falls asleep at 7:30 and goes until 6 AM...that was my night last night. I do sneak in at 10:30 pm and "top him off" and put him back to sleep. A trick I learned from the good old "Baby Whisperer" book. Plus he's about 15 lbs and barely over 2 months old. He's a bonafied chunker and I could not be more proud!

So with more sleep should come more energy, right? Well it's not having it. Maybe I'm recuperating from the holidays. A 10 day trip to UT does have it's consequences, mainly through the kids. But we are doing well, minus Emma's bronchitis. But she's on the mend.

Anyways, I will probably post pics soon. But don't expect anytime soon. Too much to do around here!

Oh, it just hit me too that another reason i'm overwhelmed is home life. 3 kids really take the cake! There is hardly anytime for me to do anything anyways. lol I am amazed at other moms with 3+ kids who still "do it all"! I don't even know where to start. Don't worry, i'm not jealous of them or anything. Promise. I just don't understand how they do it, that's all.

I am just grateful for my family. Grateful for healthy, growing kids who keep me busy and humble all day. They help me realize my imperfections. Then I want to be better for them. That in itself is a chore but is worth it for them. I am fine with being busy all day long for them. That's my job, right? I have stopped beating myself up when I don't check my email or blog. How could that compare to what I do inside my home? I would much rather spend time with my family then my I've made that mistake before. Not interested in it again. I mainly blog for ME and my FAMILY. So I will still occasionally blog pictures and stuff for journaling purposes. But it's all for me.

But seriously, do you even care?

lol I am acting like I have loyal readers who are devastated that I haven't blogged...


Incase you feel i'm MIA...I am.

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