Well January has come and pretty much gone. Here's the highlights from January:

I cut Emma's hair. It was a hard decision but everyone was sick of the nightly battles with combing her hair. She had the worst snarles and knots.
So I cut it.
Wish I didn't have to but I did.

Luke was blessed over the break but I finally took pictures at the beginning of this month with him in his blessing outfit. I bought it from
Michelle. She did such a great job and it was such a great price! You should see all that she makes!

We like to just relax around here during the day. The kids and I frequently end up on the guest bed in Luke's room. We read books, sing songs or look out the window.

This little guy loves to talk. And he has the most adorable facial expressions while he talks to me. So I had to document every single one.

THese two are just trouble!

Hangin out with Dad in the evenings, the only time we see him!

Tummy time! Luke is getting a lot stronger these days!

In other news, we just sent out about 70 letters to dentists in a few cities in Washington to see if any of them are hiring associates. Next, we are tackling areas such as Missouri and Texas. The process begins again for us. It'll be nice to first have a job and second, know where we'll live next year. I know it keeps at least one of us up at night, worring about it...(geez, Luke must be really worried about it!)
We signed Emma up for a weekly gymnastics class and she loves it!
Both girls are becoming such great helpers around the house. They love to help make dinner or play "Who can pick up 20 toys the fastest?"
Luke is now 3 months old! He weight 15 lbs and is 25 inches long. He is starting to try to roll over. He chews his hands and fingers. She is sleeping much better these days too! A few days ago, he slept from 9-7:30 two nights in a row! He just loves to talk and giggle. He's a snuggler and loves to be held.
I am still on the No Dairy Diet but I am used to it now and LUke has been great ever since I started on that. Not to mention that this diet has helped me lose 10 lbs already....see how deadly ice cream is?!
I am slowly getting my energy back and de-junking my house constantly. Moving day is just around the corner and I want my house free of crap!
If I have more time and energy in the evening, I might start doing or making stuff but let's not bet on it.

And I am considering a monthly post from now on...these blogs are just too time consuming and I don't have alot of that these days!
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