February Cont.

This is what we've been doing today.
We watched "The Incredibles". Later I find Emma in her room. She has put panties on all her animal's heads, telling me they're wearing masks, they are all super heros.
I guess that's where Kate got the idea....
We like to just hang out, be lazy.

I wish Luke was aware of his surroundings. He would find that he has the silliest, weirdest sisters ever.

This is an adorable baby.

Flashback to Valentines Day. My mom gave them these dresses...too cute. And I made Emma's headband! I did something crafty!

Luke is getting pretty strong these day too. He's now rolling like crazy but can't get back on his back...so it makes for interesting nights.

We also made some treats. These are easy and fun for the kids too. Stick some kisses on pretzels and melt them in the oven, low heat until they are melted enough to stick an M&M on top, then let cool. So so yummky :)
And one more before I go....
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