Kate, you deserve your own post.

I love my girls.
But we are going to focus on Kate right now.

Being a middle child is rough, but Kate doesn't seem to mind. To her, she has the best position.
She gets to play with her older sister, but also gets to cuddle and talk to her younger brother.
She is very observant. She catches on to things very quickly that she sees Emma do.
She was an early talker and keeps saying the funniest things.
But one of her greatest feats this past week was...
potty-training herself.

Yep, you read that right.
Being swamped with 3 kids, that was the last thing I wanted to do. Last week, however, she had other things in mind.
It started with a big interest in sitting on the "big" potty, none of this potty chair nonsense.
At first it was once or twice a day that she wanted to go potty. But then in the past week, it was every time. I first did nothing to encourage it...well because I was selfish and didn't want to deal with it, especially what I went through with Emma. I didn't want to do that while I was still adjusting to 3 kids.
Yet, to my amazement, I did nothing. Kate held the reins the whole time. She told me every time she needed to go potty...and she would. So then I introduce panties. She loves being able to pick one herself. And for the past week, she wears panties all day. There ahve been a few accidents but she has quickly learned to keep them dry.
Am I dreaming?! Did she really just train herself this week? And I didn't do anything?
The funny thing was my mom told me that I potty trained myself too. I wanted to be just like Jenny that I figured it out myself. And secretly I was hoping Kate would do just that.
So folks, God does answer prayers.
So I haven't braved to go out on errands with her in panties...there will be a time for that.

For now, we are mastering home life.
We took these pics yesterday. I found some awesome frames at DI, 3 to be exact that I want to put my adorable kids in. So I needed to get some updated pics taken.
Which one is your favorite of Kate? I would love to know.
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