A big thanks

Just wanted to let all you commenters that I appreciate you!
Seriously, I love reading your comments.
They make me feel so much better.

Things have gotten a lot better since that one explosion.
Joe accepted a job in Pasco, WA!
It is located in the Tri-Cities, WA area. That was what our road trip was about last week.
I loved it up there and was really excited about living there. Joe just had to make sure it was a good decision. He thought through his options and negotiated with his boss. On Saturday, after it all, he called him up and took the job.

So now looking at my past post, I feel sheepish! haa haa

But seriously, it felt good to get that out of my head.
Now we move forward, right?
Time to look for houses to rent.
Time to dejunk my house.
Time to pack.

Anyways, thanks again for all your awesome words.

PS-anyone looking for boxes, hit Payless. They get awesome boxes, awesome condition and they get weekly shipments in. That's where i've been getting mine and in a few weeks time, I have all my boxes! Anyone in Vegas, I have dibs on Boca Park Payless. K thanks :)
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