I seriously can't take it any longer!
My mind is going to explode.
Have you ever had a problem that couldn't be resolved? You couldn't figure out how to fix it?

Well that's my life right now, for many reasons.

#1: Getting a job..need I say more?

#2: No TIME- Since Luke came (which I am not at all blaming him), I have a hard time finding time for anything other than the bare necessities for my family aka cleaning and food. But even the cleaning is difficult to find time too.

#3: Lack of Motivation

#4: Organizing aka dejunking...

#5: packing/moving in 2 months..(ahh I just peed my pants from fright)

My mind is so so so overwhelmed that I don't know where to start, which means nothing gets done. When nothing gets done, things just build up in my mind, which then leaves me more overwhelmed.

And things stressing me out are what is listed above. How does one find the time when you have 3 kids at home...and the 2 eldest don't nap and the 3rd baby kind of squawks at you all day long...and the middle child wakes up every night needing to go potty and then goes a few drops and you are thinking, Kate, what the *&$%? Please hold it till the morning!!...so you are tired during the day...in which you watch movies or go on-line...and then you look at the clock and it's already 4 and you are so grateful that your husband has to work tonight until 9 so you don't have to make a "dinner" but will need to figure out what to make the kids: mac & cheese, cheese quesadilla or spaghettios..all the while the screaming from all 3 kids won't stop and you don't have time to just collect yourself and breathe and just so grateful that some good came from lack of dairy in your diet or else who knows what would happen to your mental state if you also had to worry about losing 25 lbs, all the while the house looks like crap....

so that's my train of thought on a daily basis...Any help on timesaving tips or something? Easy ways to earn money for a nanny or to fly any relative here and help?
I would love the help!

PS this blog is also stressing me because I am so far behind. March was a busy month for us, which means lots of pictures...do I know where to start? no. it'll be a miracle if I get caught up.

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