And so it begins...

Well, it's already here.
The transition has already begun.
I don't know where the time went!
The last week has been busy with packing everything, as well as packing our suitcases for UT.
Joe's sister, Camilla, came into town a little over a week ago to help.
Thank Goodness for siblings, I tell you what.
Me, Camilla and the kids left yesterday to UT around 10 am. We were doing good until the dreaded Gorge.
The back left tire became flat.
I looked at my phone. No service.
I ask Camilla if her phone has service.
I get out of the van and walk around and do a test call to Joe. I am seriously crying inside but trying to be strong for the kids since they obviously know what is going on while they are watching The Incredibles...cough cough
No but seriously, I was so scared and nervous.
But thank goodness where we ended up getting a flat. There ended up having service. We were almost out of the gorge, maybe 5 minutes from St. George.

here's how my phone call went with Joe:
"Hey how's it going?"
"Well we are in the canyon on the side of the road with a flat tire."
"Yep, the back driver's side. Good thing we put those tires in the back. Wanted to try calling you to see if I had service because my phone is saying otherwise."
"I can't believe that it's flat. It was in such good condition."
"Ya, it looked like it."
"How are the kids?"
"We have the car running so they don't die of heat or entertainment. They are watching a movie. They have no idea what's going on. But I need to call Roadside Assistance now."
"K call me later."
So I called roadside assistance. they told me Tri-City Tow Service would be there in about 20-30 minutes.
Well an hour later, there was still no sign of help.
I tried calling the company but service kept cutting in and out.
And my phone was going to die any second.
But apparently, the company had no idea what vehicle they were looking for. Geico forgot to mention that little tidbit of information.
And I guess there were like 3-4 other cars in need of help too that day. So the service car went back and forth, trying to find us.
It finally found us. And the poor lady only had manual tools, no easy, electric automatic stuff. Just old school tools, so it took her another 40 minutes to change it.
I felt bad because really, I know hoe to change a tire.
But I didn't want to do it.
And I figured who ever came to help would have better equipment and get the job done fast.
So after all was said and done. we were out of there about 2 hours after the incident.
LUckily, Walmart was about 5 miles away. There was only a 35 minute wait to get some new tires on.
So instead of getting into UT at 4, we got in at 6:30.
Can I say that I am grateful for cell phones when they have service?
So now we are here. Gearing up for a fun week with family.
Joe is back in Vegas, packing up the kitchen and the garage. He'll be loading the rental on Monday night. He'll be cleaning the house Tuesday morning.
He'll be heading straight up to WA on WEdnesday morning. He'll be getting into Pasco Thursday afternoon. He'll unload the truck Thursday evening. And he will then be unpacking until we show up on Sunday.

I am so grateful for my husband. I already miss him. I missed him BIG when we were in the canyon, stuck on the side of the road. THings just feel safer when he is around. He is much more confident with situations like that.
It'll be a super reunion on Sunday night. Not only will I see him again, but I will finally see our rental...dun dun DUN.
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