Commence Insanity

I really hate moving.
I really hate packing.
I really hate having to keep my house really clean for potential tenants.
Someone just turn in an application already!
The owners will give us $600 if we find new renters. So along with the million things I need to do, I am trying to find new tenants. We've had a lot of interest but no biting yet. boo!

Moving day for me is the 26th.
Me, Camilla (joe's sister) and the kids will leave to UT and spend a few days there. Not sure for how long. Camilla is awesome and will be my driving buddy the whole time, all the way to WA.
There is no way i would be able to drive solo with 2 crazies and a nursing baby for 14+ hours.

Joe will stay in Vegas and help clean and do touch-ups...aka-operation: get deposit back.
He will leave here the morning of the 30th and head straight up to WA.

About a week ago, we finally signed a lease on a rental. Not our favorite home. But we didn't have a lot of options. Their rental market is poop. It is bigger than the home we are in now by 150 sq. ft but it's still 3 bedrooms.

I was hoping for 4, to keep Luke and the girls in separate rooms...but I am going to brave it out and try my hand at putting all 3 kids in 1 room...crazy, right? I hope it works out...seriously, I don't know what else I will be able to do!

Luckily, we signed for a 6 month lease. I am praying that we can find a better option at that point.

Right now, our house is chaos! I wish I could pack some more but the rest of the stuff are things that are necessary to live. So the last week will be even worse...
all I can say is bring it!!

It is just hard to believe in 3 weeks, I will be in WA, unpacking!


I am in that mode of trying to get all my thoughts out so I can stay sane and organize them.
could you tell?!

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