Sunday Best

So I like projects.
I like to stay busy in my down time or I get bored and unproductive.

My latest project was for the girls.
I got some pillowcases from my mom that belonged to my Grandma. I got them about a year ago and knew instantly that I wanted to make them into pillowcase dresses. But I wasn't wild about the common pillowcase dress going around so I waited...
Waited after Luke was born...
waited after the holidays...
Waited until I had some inspirations from other sources....
waited until a month before we move.

I love how they turned out.
I love how they look on my girls!
I also made up their hair clips from the scrap fabric from the dress.
I am really proud of myself because, well, you see, I have been in a slump since Luke has been born.

I think that's been a big challenge for me.
After luke was born, I was left with no desire, drive or motivation to do anything...anything that I usually enjoyed doing.
Very frustrating.
So glad I found it again....but now must be put away since we are moving...I think that is a sign of procrastination? hmm?

They were really easy. I wrote up a tutorial HERE so you can try it out! You could easily make one in a night!

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