to sum things up, january stunk.
either the kids or i have been sick.  blah.  i hate being sick. 
i promise I take care of myself!

but alas, what will be, will be.

in other news, here's a picture guide to what we've been up to this month:
lots of peekabo with Luke.
this is his attempts to do it.  he just kills me with how adorably funny he is.  and how great a climber he is too.
Kate had a dental appointment and did great!
I was really proud of her. 
she might kill me later on in life for posting this picture but I again, couldn't resist her adorable half numb face.
another example at his climbing skills. 
I look away for seconds and I find his like this...he seriously doesn't let me take a break when he's awake!
 one saturday was finally warm enough to get out! 
Here's a pic of the back of the house and our backyard.
 we got dressed and headed out! 
LUke was so excited.  he has had a sudden love of the outdoors since we've moved here.  he is always pointing out the window or door.  He's even brought me my shoes.  that kid...
 i love the location of our house.  It's right across the street from a park and the middle school, which had great hills.

 i love this one...

 luke's thinking, "I wish I could walk in the snow like them..."

 at this point, luke had had enough...

 wait...it was at this point...
 and again, i had to post this.  This was just a few days ago.  we were driving back from the Tricities.  joe and I attended Brian Regan while the kids went to our friend's.  On the way back, we went to sonic.  this was the smallest hot dog they had.  Kate ate all but an inch of that thing...she LOVES hot dogs.  haa ha, it's like 1/2 the size of her!

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