christmas break.

making cookies.

 Christmas Eve, we went to Leavenworth and watched a Life Nativity then walked around the main street.
the lights were wonderful.

 our topless christmas tree.  it was free, had one singular stick that was crocked so for our star to work we had to trim it...and then our star broke so we ended up with nothing.  But it was free so no biggie.
 my wonderful wood stove and milk and crumbs.
 note from santa:  Dear Emma & Kate,  Thank you for the yummy cookies, donuts and milk.  ps- I left a surprise for you downstairs under the purple blanket.  It was too big to put under the tree.  -Santa
 Christmas morning.

My SAD attempt to make cake pops.  prrrrrobbably won't make these again.  Too long, too probably didn't help they made me kind of sick after eating them...they are tainted.

the week after christmas was a bad blur.  me and kids got sick with some bad chest colds.  plus I got a nasty NASTY flu for a couple of days. Those two combined are horrible.  Try to cough with your whole body aches.  i dare you.
that week, I maybe ate a couple bowls of soup.
my body took a toll from that.  I look in the mirror and can see how sickly I look from it.  It was nice for January to come.
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