Morning of Dec. 18th, we woke up to SNOW.  Too much...especially for a moving day.
But we were blessed with help with friends from church.  We were able to load the truck in just a couple of hours.
 goodbye Pasco, WA.  you will be very missed.
in just a 6 short months, i grew attached to my neighbors, ward, friends, the river, the antique stores, the donut shop, garage sales, day trips.

hello Cashmere.  we got into the valley of Wenatchee about 2 1/2 hours later.
more snow.
were met by a wonderful group of men to help us move in.
we are excited for a new start for our family.
we are loving this small town, tucked away in the Cascade Mountains.
I love hearing the trains in the background.
I love my wood stove in the living room.
I love the history of this place.
I am hopeful for this place....
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