Christmas 2011 pt.1

Last minute, we headed to TX for Christmas break.  All of Joe's family was going to be there and we would have been the only ones we had to go!
I was really anxious about traveling with all three kids, dealing with a car seat and rental cars....but, as always, I expect much worse.  Things went really well.  The kids did great.  Definitely helped to have had new coloring books, a DVD player and lots of snacks!
We got into TX late on the 21st.  We were the first ones there.  Then next day, being so exhausted, I slept in until 11 am (TX time...which is 9 am WA time, which is still a big deal.  After kids, it's a miracle when that happens!)
We relaxed and waited for more family members to come.  Once everyone came, the kids played together, pretty well too.  The adults talked and watched movies, and just enjoyed being around one another.  Everyone was home, except his brother Peter, who is serving a mission in Panama right now.  And having 9 kids, all together, is a big deal!

Here are some pictures of the first part of our trip:

We took a lovely stroll one night to see some Christmas lights..not too many but the kids still loved it.

All the grandkids, attempting pictures...not

I couldn't help throwing these three in here.  Look at Luke and Kate...

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