28 things about me.

Could you tell the month of November wore me out?
I am proud that I posted every single day.  But it took a lot out of me ;)

But i thought I would post today because, well, I'm a year older and wiser today.

Yes, folks, it's my birthday.  And I'm 28.
This is me at 4, right before my mom chopped off my hair in an uneven manner.  Photo coutesy of sister

Kind of a weird feeling being another year older.  And not to mention that Luke obviously missed the memo that it's my birthday today because he's been a big pain.  But what should I expect from a 2 year old boy?!

Well, here are 28 things you may or may not have known about me:

1.  Favorite color right now is purple.  In the past year alone, i bought 5 purple particles of clothing for my wardrobe.

2.  I love driving in my van.  Even if Joe is in there with me.  I just like feeling in control on where we are going.

3.  I love to have my kitchen clean before I go to bed....doesn't mean that happens but when it does, makes the next morning much easier.

4.  When I was born, I was brought home in a stocking from the hospital :)

5.  I was named after the movie, Krull.  It's a 80s sci-fi, fantasy movie about a Princess Lyssa.

6.  When I was 13, I went behind my parents backs and pierced my ears at the kiosk in the mall.  Apparently, they didn't want my ears pierced until I was 18...what?!

7.  I was married at age 20 and a Mom at age 21...so naive...;)

8.  I have never broken a bone.

9.  Favorite movies include Sixteen Candles, Wedding Singer, Some Kind of Wonderful, and Napoleon Dynamite.

10.  Used to be paranoid about my nose after a freshman in high school told my sister that I looked like a grasshopper...I was in 7th grade.

11.  I lived in Canada for 6 years of my life, until I was 7 then we moved back to UT.

12.  I was fluent in French at age 7.

13.  Lost that ability at age 8.

14.  Favorite show to watch currently is Phineas & Ferb.

15.  Didn't think it would be this hard to find 28 things about me.

16.  Favorite thing to do on a Saturday is just sit and de-junk and organize my craft room...because heaven knows it needs it!

17.  Joe's and I first date, we hiked the "Y"...cough zoobie cough....(not familiar with that term?  urban dictionary's first definition is the most accurate)

18.  Joe and I dated for 2 1/2 months before we were engaged.  Our "courting" is defined at FAST because we saw and hung out every single day, without fail.

19.  When I was 8 months pregnant with Luke and living in Las Vegas, My sisters and I went dancing downtown...seriously what were we thinking?!

20.  I spend WAY too much time on the computer, whether is editing photos or just online, I need some time management skills.

21.  Love going to thrift stores to see what I can find to redo.

22.  Just made a batch of cookies and could devour them all.

23.  I like to sleep on my side, preferably my right side.

24.  I have being pregnant because I hate having to go pee so. many. times!

25.  I have a big sweet tooth.

26.  I got a degree in English but wished I would have pursued photography straight out of high school.

27.  Love to snuggle on the couch and watch a good movie or TV show

28.  Probably the best year of my life was my 27th year and hope my 28th year surpasses it!

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