Merry Christmas

Our family photo for 2011.  We took this right before church with the timer.  I was trying to get everyone to sit and hold still long enough for the picture to take...but Luke wasn't going to have it!  So we were almost going to give up...but I refused!

So Joe grabbed Luke by the legs.  I had Kate stand next to Dad.  I set up the timer and put the camera down.  Emma hugged and entwined her legs around mine and "click".
Picture was done and so were we!  Very happy with the result for first time.  Such a miracle!!
I sure hope everyone had a great 2011.  We had a great year and have been so blessed.
We haven't moved!  That in itself is a miracle!
We are truly grateful for Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  We are grateful to be part of His church here on earth.  It's even better to see our children learn and grow in the Gospel.  At their age, they have so many questions about life and it's humbling to know that I am able to answer most of them because of the knowledge that I have been taught from the Gospel.  Our family has been so blessed with health, a job, being together, making friends and having a great support as we continue to pursue our dreams.

But overall, We are grateful for Christ's Sacrifice for us.  There is no greater gift than this.

We hope you had a great year and have a wonderful Merry Christmas!  I will be enjoying time with family this Holiday Break.  We are currently in TX!  We got in last night after a long day in cars and planes.  Glad we made it safe and sound and excited for the week ahead!  I hope you have a relaxing Christmas Break!!
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